Mixverse is officially rebranding as SHAREVERSE

2 min readMay 22, 2023

Shareverse — Redefine the Metaverse


A composableinteroperable and shareable metaverse protocol Shareverse

Dear community:

We’are thrilled to announce that Mixverse is officially rebranding as SHAREVERSE!!

The decision to change the name was driven by a desire to better convey our mission and purpose. It represents a paradigm shift from a fragmented landscape to a shared metaverse and we firmly believe that the future of the metaverse lies in three “key words”: composible, interoperable and shareable and which also serve as core essence of our project.

Accompanying the name change is a refreshed visual identity. New Logo representing our new direction and goals, also reflects our aspiration to create a visual language that speaks to our values and missions. The Shareverse logo embodies the spirit of composable, interoperable and shareable featuring interconnected elements that signify the seamless interaction and exchange within our shared metaverse. The logo has a block-like shape that resemble a LEGO set which reflects our mission:to support community to build a composable,interoperable and shareable metaverse LEGO ecosystems with easily accessible components.

This brand upgrade will see the following changes made:

· New brand name: Shareverse

· New official website :test.shareverse.io

· New Twitter handle/ Discord name/ Medium name/Mirror name: Shareverse

Shareverse in A Glance:

Shareverse — a composable metaverse protocol that redefines executable NFT standards, builds a community-driven NFT functional component market, and supports users to build a composable, interoperable and shareable metaverse LEGO ecosystems with easily accessible components.

/ Our Value

Openness, Collaboration, creation

/ Our Vision

To be a web3 DreamWorks factory for users and communities, sharing benefits with community members.

/ Our Mission

To empower developers to build a more open and composable metaverse ecosystem

Our Advantages:

Modularity: Dissolving system coupling, standardizing models, and data, enables developers to construct metaverse scenes more easily and at low cost.

Interoperability: Based on decentralized,composable storage protocol — Rido and a common data model, supports data sharing and collaboration between different scenes.

Customization: Supports operators and communities to build personalized spaces through the use of public NFT components and artworks.

Sharing: Based on data marketplace — IMart,to supports DAO governance and “custom commission” to improve community collaboration and create a more open LEGO ecosystem.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements as we unveil new features, partnerships, and initiatives within the Shareverse. We are excited about the endless possibilities this rebranding presents and the transformative impact we can make by embracing a shared metaverse!

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