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2 min readJun 12, 2023
The First Batch of Ecosystem Partners of Shareverse

About shareverse

Shareverse — the first modular metaverse protocol,built to enable anyone to easily build their own fully on-chain and interoperable metaverse with low threshold and driven by data and AI.

Our Advantages:

Modularity: redefines executable NFT standards, builds a community driven NFT functional component market, Support users to use NFT components to quickly build customizable metaverse scenes

Interoperability: Based on decentralized,composable storage protocol — Rido and a common data model, supports data sharing and collaboration between different spaces

Sharing: Based on data marketplace — IMart,to supports DAO governance and “custom commission” to improve community collaboration and create a more open LEGO ecosystem.

Collaboration detail

— In now stage(Closed-Beta test)

  1. Announce partnership in twitter
  2. Get a “elaborately customized space NFT ”(only for our “the First Batch of Ecosystem Partners ”)

— Collaboration after “Shareverse Main-net launched”

  1. Building connections & Community building: building connections among “Shareverse ecosystem family”, share “Shareverse service to your community”
  2. Engage in Shareverse’s ecosystem partnership activates to celebrate when Shareverse main net launched. (e.g., AMA, In- space blind box, Lucky draw, Live stream, etc.)
  3. Own a dedicated community interactive venue with portal access control. (Based on NFT contract address, space owners can set permissions for entry based on holding community specific NFTs.)

😍 “Excited news! Currently in the Shareverse ecosystem, more than 20+ partners joined us, each with over 40K+ followers”😍

Partnership Sample1: A customized space for “flappy moonbird” community by Shareverse 3D design team
Partnership Sample2: A customized space for “EtherPOAP” community by Shareverse 3D design team

What can you do in “shareverse space”

— Shareverse Space Platform Features Showcase

DOC from Shareverse

Project that want to build the shareverse ecosystem with us, apply here!👇👇👇

For more information! dive in shareverse world!







🌍 Shareverse — the first AI-driven metaverse interoperable protocol, exploring intent-centric AI Agent interaction scenarios.