Shareverse Credits System

3 min readSep 19, 2023


What is Shareverse Credits?— Credits are the core system in SV early stage

Credits serve as the fundamental building blocks of the Shareverse ecosystem during its early stages. These credits, generated by Shareverse, play a pivotal role in shaping the future of this innovative metaverse. In Shareverse, credits function to enable users to engage in various future campaigns and establish their unique presence within the Shareverse community.

But what exactly are the uses of these credits?

  1. Unlocking Airdrop Rewards: Credits serve as the primary criteria for unlocking airdrop rewards. By accumulating credits, users gain access to exclusive airdrops, which can be included valuable tokens, digital assets, nfts, or other exciting incentives.
  2. Community Blink-Box Airdrop Rewards: Within the Shareverse community, credits are also instrumental in unlocking Blink-Box airdrop rewards. These unique rewards add an extra layer of engagement and value for participants in the Blink-Box ecosystem.
  3. Participation in Community Special Events: Credits are the gateway to participation in various special events hosted within the Shareverse community. Whether it’s exclusive meetups, virtual gatherings, or contests, users can use their credits to secure their spot and fully immerse themselves in the vibrant Shareverse experience.

As SV continues to grow, more and more benefits related to credits will emerge. In essence, credits not only empower users to unlock exciting rewards but also foster active participation and community engagement within Shareverse, making them an integral part of this evolving platform. As Shareverse continues to grow, credits will undoubtedly play an increasingly vital role in shaping its dynamic and rewarding environment.

How to earn credits?

  1. How to get credit ?

Step 1 :Login– connect your wallet at

Step 2 : Press on your profile and choose “earn”

Step 3 : Come over to Shareverse and claim your daily credit

Step 4 : Scroll down and look for more tasks reward, finish all of it daily to climb higher leaderboard

Step 5 : Press leaderboard and set your target to fight with, remember more tasks finish daily more points given

About Shareverse — A co-build, co-share so as to co-win community

❤️The first AI-Driven metaverse Interoperable protocol,Empower anyone to use AIGC to easily build modular, interoperable and openness applications.

The Shareverse Advantage:

1. Modularity: Built on NFT components, Shareverse offers unparalleled scalability and composability.

2. Interoperability: Utilizing the RIDO programmable storage protocol, Shareverse enables data sharing and collaboration across spaces.

3. Trustlessness: With logic and data verification on-chain through zkWasm, applications built on Shareverse are secure and trustless.

4. Shareability: Shareverse supports Dao governance and custom commissions, fostering an open and collaborative community.

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