How to Join Shareverse Campaign?

3 min readSep 20, 2023


Welcome to Shareverse!! An co-build, co-shared and so as to co-win community brimming with innovation and opportunities! !

In the early stages of building this community, our joint campaigns offer a unique chance for community members to engage in various captivating tasks and projects, with the potential to earn substantial rewards, including credits, cash prizes, and valuable gifts from project partners. Before embarking on this digital journey, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following steps to ensure you make the most of these thrilling opportunities!!Here’s a user guide to join our campaigns:

Step 1: Log in,connect with metamask wallet:

This will serve as the foundation for your participation in these activities.

P1: “Login” button

Step 2: Choose ongoing campaign ,Click Detail to see more campaign info

P2: “Detail” button

Step3: Jump into space

P3: “Jumo into Space” button

Step 4: Find the quickdraw nft components in space, click

P4: “Quick Draw” nft components

❗️❗️Attention ❗️❗️

✅ If you win the USDT reward, you can see in the in-space “reward list” bottom. (P5–6)

In-space sample
P5: In-space “Award Winner” button
P6: In-space “Award Winner” List

✅ If you win the Credits reward, you can check credits on “earn” page. (P7)

P7: Entrance of “Earn” Page
P8: “Earn” Page

✅ The more people you invite, the more rewards you can earn, you can check on “Invite list” bottom

P9: “Invitation Ranking”

✅ We will provide NFT gifts from our partner based on the ranking of credits earned by participants within the space.

Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced member of the digital community, Shareverse’s joint campaigns extend a warm welcome to your participation. This is an opportunity to share, learn, and grow alongside a global community, and we eagerly anticipate your involvement. Let’s embark together on this thrilling journey through the wonders of the digital world!

About Shareverse — A co-build, co-share so as to co-win community

❤️The first AI-Driven metaverse Interoperable protocol,Empower anyone to use AIGC to easily build modular, interoperable and openness applications.

The Shareverse Advantage:

1. Modularity: Built on NFT components, Shareverse offers unparalleled scalability and composability.

2. Interoperability: Utilizing the RIDO programmable storage protocol, Shareverse enables data sharing and collaboration across spaces.

3. Trustlessness: With logic and data verification on-chain through zkWasm, applications built on Shareverse are secure and trustless.

4. Shareability: Shareverse supports Dao governance and custom commissions, fostering an open and collaborative community.

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🌍 Shareverse — the first AI-driven metaverse interoperable protocol, exploring intent-centric AI Agent interaction scenarios.