Gameta x Shareverse “Adventure Lottery” Campaign Guidence

3 min readSep 21, 2023

Welcome to an unprecedented digital adventure! Gameta and Shareverse are teaming up to present you with a heart-pounding lottery extravaganza, where rewards are not only substantial but also full of surprises. This will be an exhilarating journey, an opportunity for you to explore the unknown, push your limits, and win valuable prizes. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned adventurer, this event will open the door to limitless possibilities in the digital world. Brave the path ahead and get ready to embark on this thrilling journey! Prepare yourself for an extraordinary adventure like never before!


🤩 Campaign Name: Gameta x Shareverse Adventure Lottery!

⏰ Campaign Date: 9/20 08:00 UTC — 9/27 12:00 UTC

🎁 Prize Pool: 200 USDT + 3000 SV credits + 250 $Hip Hop Packages

🌟 Campaign type: Quick Draw + Invitation mechanism

⛳️ Campaign Location: Gameta Mars Space…

✅ Campaign detail:…

✅ Additional:

  • Prize allocation: 80% for Quickdraw + 20% for Invites + 10 SV Credits * 300
  • To ensure fairness, each wallet address can participate 2 times/ day.


Step 1: Join in space and connect with metamask wallet:…

Step 2: Choose your avatar & Find the quickdraw nft components in space and Have Fun!

Choose your avatar
Find the quickdraw nft components

Step 3: Congratulation?Check “Winner List” and “Invitation Ranking”

  • The quick draw algorithm is fully open-source, and users can verify it on the blockchain, if you win the USDT reward, you can see in the in-space “reward list” bottom.
  • Invitation mechanism: The more you invite, the more you earn. You can claim this reward once the event has ended.
  • After the event, players will receive additional gifts “250 $Hip Hop Packages” from the Gameta mostly based on ranking of the credits you earn.
  • If you win the Credits reward, you can check credits on “earn” page.

Step 4:Take a screenshot or record a screen, and tweet

Recommended tweet:

“🤩🤩Im delighted that I participated in the Gameta and Shareverse joint event. ❤️let’s build a co-share, co-build, so as to co-win community together! #Shareverse #Gameta #Airdrop”

🤑 Extra bonus: top 5 “4 steps completers” will share 500 credits

(Thank you for watching until now! We will announce top 5 lucky winner on twitter/tg/DC when campaign ended, Credits are the core system in SV early stage)

🤩🤩Finally, Whether you’ve won a reward or not, please connect with us in the community and share your joy with everyone. Shareverse is a community where we co-build, co-share, and co-win together!!Come and Join us!



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